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The AEI Federalism Project conducts and sponsors original research on American federalism, with particular emphasis on federal and state business regulation, legal developments and the role of the courts, and the prospects for rehabilitating a constitutional federalism that puts states in competition for productive citizens and businesses. Through its AG Watch, the Federalism Project monitors and comments on the increasingly active role of state attorneys general.

The AEI Federalism Project disseminates its research results and opinions through frequent conferences and other public events; through the Federalism Outlook, a newsletter written by the Project’s Director, Michael S Greve; through its website; and through books and publications in scholarly journals.


Federalism problems and arrangements vary considerably, depending on the regulatory subject-matter. AEI's Federalism Project critically examines the roles of state and federal regulators in antitrust regulation, internet taxation, banking regulation, securities and corporate law, environmental law, and education and health policy. Our special emphasis is on questions of federal preemption and, in cooperation with the AEI Liability Project, on state and federal liability law.

The Federalist Outlook

Federal Preemption: Principles and Politics

#25 · June 4, 2007

Interstate Comity

#24 · March 29, 2007 pdf

How to Think About Constitutional Change Part 2: Originalism, Pragmatism, and the Constitution

#23 · August 2005 pdf

How to Think about Constitutional Change Part 1: The Progressive Vision

#23 · June 2005 pdf

Liability Reform: Carpe Diem

#22 · December 2004 pdf

The Justices at Home Abroad

#21 · August 2004 pdf

Same-sex Marriage: Commit It to the States

#20 · March 2004 pdf

Subprime, but Not Half-Bad: Mortgage Regulation as a Case Study In Preemption

#19 · September 2003 pdf

Washington and the States: Segregation Now

#17 · May 2003 pdf

States' Rights on Steroids

#14 · September 2002 pdf

The Supreme Court Term That Was and the One That Will Be

#13 · July 2002 pdf

Free Eliot Spitzer!

#12 · May 2002 pdf

Compacts and Collusion

#11 · April 2002 pdf

National Power, Post-9/11

#9 · November 2001 pdf

E-Taxes: Between Cartel and Competition

#8 · September 2001 pdf

Federalism, Yes. Activism, No.

#7 · July 2001 pdf

Laboraties of Democracy: Anatomy of a Metaphor

#6 · May 2001 pdf

The Supreme Court's Federalism

#2 · August 2000 pdf

Law Review Articles

Preemption in the Rehnquist Court: A Preliminary Empirical Assessment, 14 Sup. Ct. Econ. Rev. 43 (2006).

Federal Preemption: James Madison, Call Your Office 33 Pepp. L. Rev. 77 (2005).

Consumer Law, Class Actions, and the Common Law, 7 Chap. L. Rev. 155 (2004).

Friends of the Earth, Foes of Federalism, 11/12 Duke Envtl. L. & Pol'y F. 167 (2001).


Working Papers

Government by Indictment: Attorneys General and Their False Federalism

Michael S Greve (May 24, 2005) view pdf

Preemption in the Rehnquist Court: A Preliminary Empirical Assessment

Michael S Greve (November 17, 2004) view pdf


Federalism Project Books

Federal Preemption

Richard A. Epstein & Michael S. Greve, eds. (May 2007)

Competition Laws In Conflict: Antitrust Jurisdiction in the Global Economy

Richard A. Epstein & Michael S Greve, eds. (May 2004)

Sell Globally, Tax Locally: Sales Tax Reform for the New Economy

Michael S Greve (October 2003)


Federal Preemption: States' Rights, National Interests

June 12, 2007
Richard A. Epstein, Michael S. Greve, Charles Cooper, Judge Stephen F. Williams, Peter J. Wallison

Antitrust Consent Decrees in Theory and Practice

May 16, 2007
Richard A. Epstein, A. Douglas Melamed, Michael S. Greve

Watters v. Wachovia Bank

November 28, 2006
Brian P. Brooks, Thomas W. Merrill, Amy Quester, Todd Zywicki, Ted Frank

Massachusetts v. EPA

November 21, 2006
Jonathan H. Adler, Michael S. Greve, Lisa Heinzerling, Barry Rabe, Edward W. Warren

Federal Preemption: Law, Economics, Politics

April 27, 2006
Keynote Speaker, the Honorable Kenneth Starr; for complete list of panelists, please view conference information.

The U.S. Senate Takes On Medical Malpractice Reform

April 24, 2006
Ted Frank, Michael S. Greve, George L. Priest, Stuart L. Weinstein

Manufacturers' Immunity: The FDA Compliance Defense (Event Webcast)

March 21, 2006
Dean Bernard Dobrianski, Michael S. Greve, Professor Peter Hammer, Professor Lars Noah, and Daniel Troy

Debate on National Standards (National Press Club Event)

March 10, 2006
Kevin Carey, Michael Dannenberg, Michael Greve, Deborah Meier, Michael Petrilli, Lauren Resnick, Thomas Toch,

Antitrust and the New Economy: Transatlantic Turmoil

December 7, 2005
Makan Delrahim, Richard Epstein, Michael S. Greve, Robert Pitofsky

Government by Consent Decree?

June 9, 2005
Senator Lamar Alexander, Rep. Roy Blunt, Michael S. Greve, Wade Henderson, Simon Lazarus

Supreme Court: Lochner at 100 — Still Crazy After All These Years?

April 22, 2005
David E. Bernstein, Jeffrey Rosen, G. Edward White, Michael S. Greve

Federalism Under the Influence: Dope, Booze, and the Commerce Clause

November 10, 2004
Michael S Greve, Brannon Denning, Todd Zywicki, R. Hewitt Pate, Viet D. Dinh, John Eastman, Edward Warren, Richard A. Epstein

Can States Reform Torts?

October 5, 2004
Andrew R. Stevens, Hugh Rice Kelly, Linda Woggon, Michelle White, Michael S Greve

Competition Laws In Conflict: Antitrust Jurisdiction in the Global Economy

May 13, 2004
Richard A. Epstein, Michael S Greve, Timothy J. Muris

Preemption in the Rehnquist Court

April 2, 2004
Michael S Greve, Thomas W. Merrill, Daniel Schweitzer, Robert Gasaway

When Federalism Works—Why Kill It? Federal Initiatives on Corporate and Financial Regulation

October 9, 2003
Jonathan F. Pedersen, Charles Elson, Bruce Johnsen, Peter J. Wallison, Wright Andrews, Phil Lehman, Todd Zywicki, Michael S Greve

Environmental Federalism: State Activism on Cleaning the Air

May 13, 2003
Barry Rabe, Robert Gasaway, Marlo Lewis, Christopher Schroeder, Michael S Greve

The New Antitrust Paradox: Policy Proliferation in the Global Economy

April 21, 2003
Michael S Greve, Richard A. Epstein, William Kovacic, George L. Priest, Michael DeBow, William Adkinson, Christopher DeMuth, Richard Posner, D. Bruce Johnsen, Moin Yahya, Paul B. Stephan, Andrew T. Guzman, Michael Trebilcock, Edward Iacobucci, Diane Wood, Wolfgang Kerber, Oliver Budzinski, John O. McGinnis

The New Pharmaceutical Litigation: What It is and Where It is Going

June 18, 2002
John E. Calfee, Michael S Greve

Torts and Terror: Civil Liability After September 11

December 4, 2001
Michael S Greve, Christopher C. DeMuth, Neil A. Doherty, Bronwen Kaye, Kenneth P. Quinn, Robert R. Gasaway, Senator Jon Kyl, Jay P. Lefkowitz, Robert Peck

Environmental Policy Roundtable

September 20, 2001
Michael S Greve, Jonathan H. Adler, Becky Norton Dunlop

Internet Privacy Regulation Roundtable

January 30, 2001
Michael S Greve, Bruce Kobayashi, Larry Ribstein, Eugene Volokh