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The AEI Federalism Project conducts and sponsors original research on American federalism, with particular emphasis on federal and state business regulation, legal developments and the role of the courts, and the prospects for rehabilitating a constitutional federalism that puts states in competition for productive citizens and businesses. Through its AG Watch, the Federalism Project monitors and comments on the increasingly active role of state attorneys general.

The AEI Federalism Project disseminates its research results and opinions through frequent conferences and other public events; through the Federalism Outlook, a newsletter written by the Project’s Director, Michael S Greve; through its website; and through books and publications in scholarly journals.

Attorneys General

State Attorneys General have emerged as principal regulators of the U.S. economy. Through its AG Watch and through regular publications and events, AEI's Federalism Project monitors state AG's and their upside-down federalism.

AG Watch

The Federalism Project’s Eye on Attorneys General

National Consumer Protection Week, in the Cosmetics Aisle

National Consumer Protection Week runs from February 5th-11th this year. In order to do our part, we’ll warn consumers that Attorneys General continue to run the biggest consumer scam of them all.

Idaho, to choose one of fifty examples, raised the prices we pay by $600,000 last year. No doubt, the real recovery of money stolen or fraudulently acquired from Idahoans by Idahoans accounts for some … more

The Federalist Outlook

Liability Reform: Carpe Diem

#22 · December 2004 pdf

Commerce and the Constitution

#15 · December 2002 pdf

States' Rights on Steroids

#14 · September 2002 pdf

Free Eliot Spitzer!

#12 · May 2002 pdf

Compacts and Collusion

#11 · April 2002 pdf

Law Review Articles

Cartel Federalism? Antitrust Enforcement by State Attorneys General, 72 U. Chi. L. Rev. 99 (2005).


Working Papers

Government by Indictment: Attorneys General and Their False Federalism

Michael S Greve (May 24, 2005) view pdf


Federalism Project Books

Competition Laws In Conflict: Antitrust Jurisdiction in the Global Economy

Richard A. Epstein & Michael S Greve, eds. (May 2004)


Spoiling for a Fight: The Rise of Eliot Spitzer

August 7, 2006
Brooke A. Masters, Presenter; Michael S. Greve, Discussant; William H. Pryor Jr., Moderator

Federal Preemption: Law, Economics, Politics

April 27, 2006
Keynote Speaker, the Honorable Kenneth Starr; for complete list of panelists, please view conference information.

National Press Club Debate: Michael Greve and James Tierney

December 7, 2005
Michael S. Greve, James Tierney

Event at the U.S Chamber of Commerce — The Role of State Attorneys General: Differing Perspectives

May 26, 2005
Michael S Greve, Thurbert Baker, Tom Corbett, Steve Carter, et al

Competition Laws In Conflict: Antitrust Jurisdiction in the Global Economy

May 13, 2004
Richard A. Epstein, Michael S Greve, Timothy J. Muris

Environmental Federalism: State Activism on Cleaning the Air

May 13, 2003
Barry Rabe, Robert Gasaway, Marlo Lewis, Christopher Schroeder, Michael S Greve

The New Pharmaceutical Litigation: What It is and Where It is Going

June 18, 2002
John E. Calfee, Michael S Greve