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The AEI Federalism Project conducts and sponsors original research on American federalism, with particular emphasis on federal and state business regulation, legal developments and the role of the courts, and the prospects for rehabilitating a constitutional federalism that puts states in competition for productive citizens and businesses. Through its AG Watch, the Federalism Project monitors and comments on the increasingly active role of state attorneys general.

The AEI Federalism Project disseminates its research results and opinions through frequent conferences and other public events; through the Federalism Outlook, a newsletter written by the Project’s Director, Michael S Greve; through its website; and through books and publications in scholarly journals.


While AEI's Federalism Project is principally devoted to the study of American federalism, it occasionally examines the "federalisms" of other nations and of international bodies, such as the European Union.

The Federalist Outlook

The Justices at Home Abroad

#21 · August 2004 pdf

New Insights from the Old Continent

#10 · January 2002 pdf

E-Taxes: Between Cartel and Competition

#8 · September 2001 pdf

Cooperation Does Not Work

#3 · September 2000 pdf

Law Review Articles

Federalism Values and Foreign Relations, 2 Chi. J. Int'l L. 355 (2001).


Federalism Project Books

Sell Globally, Tax Locally: Sales Tax Reform for the New Economy

Michael S Greve (October 2003)


Antitrust and the New Economy: Transatlantic Turmoil

December 7, 2005
Makan Delrahim, Richard Epstein, Michael S. Greve, Robert Pitofsky

Proportional Representation: Path to Democracy?

December 6, 2005
Gerard Alexander, Jeffrey Anderson, Michael S. Greve, Donald Horowitz, Lindsay Lloyd, Andrew Reynolds, Michael Rubin, Andrew Shearer, Meyrav Wurmser, Judy Van Rest

Competition Laws In Conflict: Antitrust Jurisdiction in the Global Economy

May 13, 2004
Richard A. Epstein, Michael S Greve, Timothy J. Muris

The New Antitrust Paradox: Policy Proliferation in the Global Economy

April 21, 2003
Michael S Greve, Richard A. Epstein, William Kovacic, George L. Priest, Michael DeBow, William Adkinson, Christopher DeMuth, Richard Posner, D. Bruce Johnsen, Moin Yahya, Paul B. Stephan, Andrew T. Guzman, Michael Trebilcock, Edward Iacobucci, Diane Wood, Wolfgang Kerber, Oliver Budzinski, John O. McGinnis

What Now, Old Continent? Europe on the Way to a Constitution

April 16, 2002
Jeffrey Anderson, William Cash, Andrew Moravcsik, Amity Shlaes, David Calleo, Rod Hunter, William Kristol, Jonathan Davidson

Free Trade vs. States' Rights: Globalization and the Challenges to Local Democratic Government

June 26, 2001
Michael S Greve, Mark C. Gordon, David L. Aaron, Earl H. Fry