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The AEI Federalism Project conducts and sponsors original research on American federalism, with particular emphasis on federal and state business regulation, legal developments and the role of the courts, and the prospects for rehabilitating a constitutional federalism that puts states in competition for productive citizens and businesses. Through its AG Watch, the Federalism Project monitors and comments on the increasingly active role of state attorneys general.

The AEI Federalism Project disseminates its research results and opinions through frequent conferences and other public events; through the Federalism Outlook, a newsletter written by the Project’s Director, Michael S Greve; through its website; and through books and publications in scholarly journals.



AEI Books on Federalism

Antitrust Consent Decrees in Theory and Practice

Richard A. Epstein (February 16, 2007)

The Advantage of Competitive Federalism for Securities Regulation

Roberta Romano (December 2002)

Using Federalism to Improve Environmental Policy

Henry N. Butler & Jonathan R. Macey (July 1996)

The Demise of Environmentalism in American Law

Michael S Greve (April 1996)

The Corporation and the Constitution

Henry N. Butler & Larry E. Ribstein (February 1995)

The Genius of American Corporate Law

Roberta Romano (December 1993)

Product-Risk Labeling: A Federal Responsibility

W. Kip Viscusi (October 1993)

Costly Policies: State Regulation and Antitrust Exemption in Insurance Markets

Jonathan R. Macey & Jeffrey P. Miller (September 1993)

State and Federal Regulation of National Advertising

J. Howard Beales & Timothy J. Muris (February 1993)

Federalism in Taxation: The Case for Greater Uniformity

Daniel Shaviro (February 1993)

How Federal is the Constitution?

Robert A. Goldwin & William A. Schambra, eds. (February 1986)