March 21, 2005

It’s our job to keep those prices up

posted by Kate Rick @ 4:21 pm

Or so goes the logic of the AGs when it comes to tobacco. In yet another flank-protecting move on behalf of the Master Settlement Agreement, the NAAG hooked up with the ATF and major credit card companies last week to put a stop to “the illegal sale of cigarettes over the Internet.”

In addition to the many legal problems with online cigarette sales (see link above), the NAAG contends that they present a “significant risk to public health” because lower prices encourage increased consumption, leading in turn to more smoking-related health problems and deaths.

The press release failed to note the risk caused by participating manufacturers’ violent allergic reaction to price competition.

March 3, 2005

Make that settlement check out to me

posted by Kate Rick @ 2:25 pm