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The Federalism Project

The New Antitrust Paradox: Policy Proliferation in the Global Economy

April 2003 conference

Paper Abstracts

William F. Adkinson, Jr., Multijurisdictional Antitrust Enforcement: The Long and Winding Illinois Brick Road.

Michael DeBow, State Antitrust Enforcement: A Dangerous Anachronism?

William E. Kovacic, Toward a Domestic Competition Network: Harmonization of National Competition Policy.

Andrew Guzman, The Case for International Antitrust.

D. Bruce Johnsen and Moin A. Yahya, A Geographic Market Power Test for Sherman Act Jurisdiction.

Wolfgang Kerber and Oliver Budzinski, Competition of Competition Laws: Mission Impossible?.

John O. McGinnis, The Political Economy of International Antitrust Harmonization.

George Priest, The Halting Convergence of U.S. and European Commission Antitrust Law.

Paul B. Stephan, Competitive Competition Law? An Essay against International Cooperation.

Michael Trebilcock and Edward Iacobucci, National Treatment and Extraterritorality: Defining the Domains of Trade and Antitrust Policy.


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