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Real Federalism: Why It Matters, How It Could Happen
by Michael Greve
Using Federalism to Improve Environmental Policy
by Henry Butler and Jonathan Macey
The Demise of Environmentalism in American Law
by Michael Greve
How Federal is the Constitution?
by Robert A. Goldwin and William A. Schambra (editors)
The Corporation and the Constitution
by Henry Bulter and Larry E. Ribstein
The Genius of American Corporate Law
by Roberta Romano
Costly Policies: State Regulation and Antitrust Exemption in Insurance Markets
by Jonathan Macey and Geofrey Miller
Federalism in Taxation: The Case for Greater Uniformity
by Daniel Shaviro
Product-Risk Labeling: A Federal Responsibility
by W. Kip Viscusi
State and Federal Regulation of National Advertising
by J. Howard Beales and Timothy Muris